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Ravenwar is a campaign centered around an internal conflict in Ravenmere. 

Recently, thousands of people have been forced to leave their home of Witchlyn due to an on-going war between The Heroes' Guild and an army of demons who escaped the Abyssal Plane.

The Withlyn refugees have begun to seek asylum in neighboring regions. However, they are met with great hostility except from Westerhaven. While Westerhaven is now a safe home for the refugees, there are too many people to all remain there. Moving north, they reached Ravenmere.

While the king of Ravenmere has ordered the refugees to be banned from entering the region, the military general has allowed her troops to let refugees pass through the border. This has caused a battle between the king the and general, separating Ravenmere into two factions, the north and the south. The north, lead by the general, vows to help the refugees and will let them stay in their towns. The south, lead by the king, will stop at nothing to prevent refugees from entering Ravenmere.

So a battle has begun between northern and southern Ravenmere. A battle that will be decided by the actions of the PCs as they attempt to make sense of the conflict and solve it the way they see fit. 

Home Page

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